Lazarus Wall of Fame

The Lazarus wall of fame is our space to say a very big thank you to all those incredible individuals,
exciting businesses and wonderful organisations who make our work possible. 

Thank you.

Lazarus Friends

With thanks to...

Celia Moore 

Christopher Moore 

Jenny Hope

Chris Luckker

Christine and Martin Jones

Tommy Roberts

Micheal Spring / Wild West Advertising

Crister Löfving

Rebecca Graves
Jane Hamlet
Mrs Cooper
Kemi-bo Millar
Caroline Cooke
Charis Jane Ballard-Ridley

Suzie Supporters:

Katherine Wood

Paula Trott
Ruth Barrett
Ina Berggren
Derek Anderson

Lazarus Angels

With thanks to...

R and R Holden

Michael Davenport

Steven Francis

S and S Downing

Ruth Barrett

Willison-Parry Ltd 

And a very special thank you to Kerry Irvine. 

Lazarus Principle Supporters 

Our 2019 Principle Supporter

With thanks to our partners and associations